Are Writers Artists?

Writers are artists who revel in their crafts and arts

Writers are artists who revel in their crafts and arts

Writing is a craft, an art. Or not.

Depending on which side of the fence you are peeping from, you may agree or disagree with this standpoint.

It really is a standpoint, after all. My standpoint…and from where I stand, my point is this – Writers are artists.

You may call me biased but be careful lest I paint you into my next story or post as the villain.

Who Really is an artist?

In popular parlance, an artist is one who paints.

Going by this definition and according to ‘my’ statistics, 95% of women are accomplished artists. We do a damn good job of turning plain nails and faces into masterpieces with our paints and brushes.

Like this:

But seriously, we have some very brilliant female painters / artists like the Makwasha women (and that is not in anyway to slight our artistic sister above):

Makwasha, the village where the women are painters

Permit me to point out that if an artist’s job description is strictly to paint, then the doodling pre-schoolers at my kids’ school are also seasoned (without-the-fame) artists who all deserve world-class gallery exhibitions for their beautiful work of arts. Or at the very least, spaces at the Met Museum.

Or to say the very-very least, a couple of Luxembourg Art awards for their ‘outside-the-box’ artistic smear campaigns paintings.

A little bit of fun fact: 51% of visual artists today are women.

For the purpose of this post, we are more concerned with the set of dedicated, fully-grown artists like the Makwasha women.

Have you ever seen an artist at work?

If you had never seen one before, we will content ourselves with the power of your imagination as we bid you to graciously visualize one…in your mind.

We are really at your mercy. But not for long

Now imagine an artist at his / her studio.









I know you get what I am driving at but in case you don’t, Artists are dedicated, talented, gifted magicians who can bring the most inanimate object to life…and the animate more strikingly, just by the strokes of their brushes.

That is what writers do too. But even more so.

We create works of art. With words powered by our imaginations. Propelled by purpose.

Writers (like artists), by virtue of imagination / skills are able to create beautiful works of emotional or aesthetic values.

Artists bring their objects of artistic interests to life with the stroke of their brushes but Writers wield even more power. Both are joined at the hips, driven by similar purposes.

Be very afraid of writers who take their arts to the hearts. Pun intended.

Vex us and you end up being woven into the next Book as the villain…with an added bonus of some unsightly horns, corns and calluses.

Writers, with the stroke of the pens or the tap-tap-tap of the keyboards, turn the non-existent into fantastically artistic shapes and forms albeit with words.

Shapes are crafted into words, painted and given lives of their own.

That is what writers do. And we pride ourselves in our craft, it is a hard-earned right in the little corners of our world, with our well-worn keyboards providing the music for our fingers to dance to.

Finally, we cannot agree more with the words of Marcel Duchamp in this article.

Artists are ones who make arts, exhibit arts, return profit from their arts, work in studios and call themselves artists.

Now insert ‘Writer’, re-read the sentence (minus the profit part, mostly) and you get my drift.


Writers are artists…the artist truly defines art.


What You Need to Know about Copywriting

Until a few months back, two or three actually, I never seriously thought of copy writing as a vocation. I just wrote for the fun of it.

A friend who had read my light-hearted blog posts contacted me to help out with crafting copies for his new firm’s marketing campaign because the ‘Pro’ he contracted his digital marketing to was pressed for time and could not get any copy-writer to handle this for them.

And so, my sleeping copy writing side was awakened, by ‘accident’.
Even though it was my first attempt at copy writing (without any formal training), I got rave reviews of the first set of copies I crafted for the firm and now, the sky is just the starting point.

I do not want to keep this ‘new discovery’ to myself, I want you to come with me on this journey too.

If you were me a couple of months ago and if you would like to take your writing beyond blogging or copying / pasting, then the resources I am going to be sharing here are just the right fit for you.

Think of what pleasure can come from turning your hobby into a money-spinning venture without start-up capital or setting up cost.
That is where I am, right now.

Because copy writing is a huge field of opportunity, still under-explored.

This is just to let you know that Copy Writing is the next big thing. You can do it too.
Well, it takes some works to master the art because it really is an art, but we are already artists, ain’t we?

Word artists. Word crafters. Wordsmiths.
Like every artist, perfection comes with practice.

That picture is just to whet your appetite and I hope I succeeded.

So, let us get straight into it.

What exactly is Copywriting?

Copy writing is the art of creatively putting words together, targeted at an audience in order to promote a product and elicit positive responses or call to actions.

While that is one heck of a long-winding definition but that is pretty much what comes to my mind when I think of copy writing which I do very often now.

To break it down, copy writers are warriors on the marketing field.

Just that we are armed with words rather than the shiny images of swords, shields and helmets that come to your mind when you think of warriors.

Copywriting is written content conveyed through online media and print materials. Copy is a content primarily used for the purpose of advertising or marketing. This type of written material is often used to persuade a person or group as well as raise brand awareness. -Wikipedia 

Copywriters come up with materials for email campaigns, they are responsible for texts displayed in brochures, flyers, billboards, etc.

What You Need to Know About Copywriting:

  • Copywriting is entirely different from copyright or copyright laws
  • Copywriters have areas of specialization or niches, e.g medical, tech, etc 
  • Copywriters can adopt any stance or voice in getting their messages across
  • Copywriters write in order to get people to take action
  • Content writers write to inform
  • Copy writers can also function as content writers
  • Copy writers work with words, daily

What do Copywriters do?

What exactly are the job descriptions of copywriters? 


  • Research
  • Write
  • Edit
  • Proof read
  • Get involved in marketing campaigns

So, there you have it.

How to Discover Your Calling and Get it Right (the first time)

Weird topic for a (copy)writing site, right?

As weird as it may sound / read, knowing your CALLING also perceived in some quarters as GIFT and in some as PASSION might just be the key to unlocking the many potentials lying dormant on the inside.

Maybe we can start by looking at what those three often interchangeable words really imply.

A ‘Gift’ is that special ability or natural talent you possess which the next person may not have,

Passion’ is (a strong feeling for) that thing or things that ‘consume’ you which you simply cannot bear to NOT think about or NOT do,
‘Calling’ is a particular way of life or ‘vocation’ (sometimes borne out of your gifts and passion).

It might sound cliche but there is hardly any human being without a special ‘something’ deposited in them. At least, I am yet to see one.

Sometimes, we do not see these ‘special somethings’ as gifts but that is what they are.

Let me give you an instance.

I have a friend who talks too much. If you happen to see him anywhere, please do not tell him I mentioned him on this Blog. 

He is a talker. Naturally. 
No better example have I seen of a ‘born that way’ specie.

And for non-talkers aka melt-into-the-background individuals like me, I say that is a gift, a natural talent. A calling.

You ever seen anyone whose calling it is to talk?
I am glad to announce to you that I have one in my friend.

Talking is indeed a gift- a special ability, especially when you are able to beautifully weave words together to keep an audience enraptured for more than the time it takes to wolf down a 3-layered sandwich.

For people born that way, there are one thousand and one things to do with that special ability other than discussing the woes that just befell Louis Van Gaal or analyzing why the cost of Tomatoes is on the rise in Nigeria. 

Now those are very legitimate, thought provoking subjects to dabble into but your guess is as good as mine.

Goes without saying that being in possession of a gift in itself is not of much use if nothing is made out of the gift.

How To Discover Your Calling… 

There are diverse school of thoughts on how to find one’s calling in life.

The most popular school of thought is about finding your passion and then pursuing it vigorously and unrelentingly with all you’ve got. Pretty legitimate but it simply is not enough. Not anymore.

Another school of thought urges as many as are willing to look around and fix their gazes on opportunities around them- opportunities cloaked as NEEDS, then develop / position themselves to meet those needs. 

Fill them whether we are passionate about it or not and that might just turn out to be our calling.

Also grossly inadequate if we are to focus on exploring our passion, gifts and calling in order to make the most out of it / them and enjoy ourselves while at it.

I had seen / heard people talk about living their dreams and how their jobs are so enjoyable they do not feel like they are actually ‘working’.

More often than not, those are the wise virgins who succeeded in turning their hobbies into money spinners. You can get there too if you desire.

And we also see (too often) people in paid employment who are simply putting in appearances, enduring instead of enjoying their jobs because of lack of better things to do with themselves. They are stuck in jobs they do not love and are very unhappy. Too bad.

…and Get it Right (the first / second / third time)

It does not matter how many times you have tried to find your calling or pursue your passion. Neither does it matter whether you have never given it a thought.

Remember the saying about the best time to plant a tree being yesterday and the next best time being NOW?

So, let us get to it by firstly carrying out some ‘litmus tests’ here.

Can you take a deep breath, get a pen and piece of paper and try to answer the questions below as honestly as possible? Thank you.

1. If you were to be stranded on an island for 1 year with the option to have just two items with you, what would those items be?

For me, I’d ask for three things. A Bible, Pen and a Notebook.
Pardon me for disobeying the rules, will you?

That goes to explain why I am not a good successful Event Planner (even though I tried once and even went as far as paying to get myself trained).

For you, what are those things you cannot do without for one year if you were to be alone on an Island with no access to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TV, Computer, etc? Pretty hard, huh?

2. What are the most frequent compliments you receive from other people about?

Those might just be the things you do so well to attract other people’s attention. They are the things you are skillful at (formal or informal), the stuffs you have mastered doing with or without training.

3. What do you enjoy doing most when you are free and nobody is looking?

Watching Game of Thrones or Telemundo does not count here, sorry.  

What gets you so excited about life that you just cannot wait to get up and start going every morning? What gets the adrenaline pumping through you that you cannot wait to close the door on your last visitor to get started?
What gets the blood coursing faster through your veins?

4. What are the needs evident in your (immediate) environment?

Open your eyes wide and look around you, think of the need(s)  -evident or not that you can easily or uneasily step in to meet.

Taking the trouble to find your special abilities / gifts would be an exercise in futility if nothing can be achieved or done with it to serve God and humanity.

What you do with your gift / calling / passion is as important as finding it. Take time to highlight the needs, real and perceived in your environment and ponder on how your gifts can help in meeting those needs.

5. Now get a pot, throw in all the ingredients / answers you listed above and mix them thoroughly. 

Melt them.

Find an intersection or meeting point(s) and that is the best place to start seeking the answers to your true CALLING (if the answers are still elusive at this point).

You may want to view it this way: 

Skill sets / competencies (that make people compliment what you do or how you do what you do often)
what you enjoy doing most and cannot do without doing 
the needs around you 
= Your leap-board to dive into your Sea of Calling

It does not matter whether (or not) there is a ready market for your calling or ability, markets can be created where there are none. 

*The friend mentioned earlier in this post is PASSIONate about a vocation that enables him to use his GIFT effectively and is now fully living his CALLING by providing key solutions in line with his passion / gifts*

That goes to show that it can be done.